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Statutory Warranty

Statutory Warranty on Smoby Products

On each SMOBY product you receive the guarantee prescribed by law for optimum durability. Within the guarantee period of two years, material, design or workmanship defects are remedied through repair by the SMOBY replacement parts service team free of charge or, if SMOBY at its own discretion considers it necessary, by means of an exchange of product. The guarantee period starts on the date on which the product is initially purchased by an end consumer. If you wish to assert a claim, you must submit the original proof of purchase which clearly shows the name of the purchased product, the date and the place of purchase.

SMOBY expressly reserves the right to request that the defective product is sent in to it at its own expense. Normal wear and tear (for example, on wheels), defects that arise due to rough handling (including accidents, abuse and wilful overloading) as well as defects or damages that are caused by inappropriate use or misuse of the product are excluded from the guarantee prescribed by law. Furthermore the statutory guarantee is restricted to use of the SMOBY product by the private end consumer. Therefore it does not cover commercial use (for example, car hire) or the use of SMOBY products in public institutions (for example, nursery schools etc.).
SMOBY's liability shall, in terms of the amount, be limited to the acquisition value of the product.

Please contact the SMOBY team if you require further information.

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Statutory Warranty
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